U.S. Energy Solutions / Green Energy Outlet

Our mission is to educate and enable property owners to reduce their energy demand and grid dependency by offering affordable, high-quality, energy-efficient products with professional installation and customer service.

We do this by being Energy Efficiency Experts on a variety of energy-consuming products, which includes but is not limited to HVAC, hot water systems, and lighting. We combine that knowledge with our expertise in reducing energy consumption to size a solar system to generate the energy required to meet future demand.

  • LED lighting and custom LED lighting effects
  • Solar energy systems
  • Standby power systems
  • High-efficiency HVAC & hybrid hot water systems
  • Solar attic fans, radiant insulation, and lots of other green energy products!

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1. U.S. Energy Solutions will meet or beat any competitor’s price for comparable quality products.

2. Our customers receive the latest technology, highest quality, and lowest prices with our green energy products.

3. Our customers maximize their savings by reducing their energy costs with our green energy packages.

4. Extended warranties for long-term customer satisfaction. We provide the longest warranties in the industry, see our packages for specific product warranties.

5. We provide you with a personalized energy evaluation and recommendation for your best green energy solutions and best return on your investment. 

6. Installation and service by certified, highly-experienced technicians with many years of experience.

7. Installation options:
       a. Our professionals will install the system in our service areas or,
       b. Do it yourself or we’ll work with your electrician or technician to install our products.

8. We have a professional design engineering team for small-to-large commercial and industrial installations.

9. Visit our Green Energy Outlet: see demonstrations and receive instruction on the latest high-tech, low-energy-usage green energy products. 

10. 5-Star ReviewsHAPPY CUSTOMERS!