U.S. Energy Solutions / Green Energy Outlet

... assisting residential & commercial property owners with cost-effective green energy products for reducing or eliminating their dependency on grid power!

  • LED lighting and custom LED lighting effects
  • Solar energy systems
  • Standby power systems
  • High-efficiency HVAC & hybrid hot water systems
  • Solar attic fans, radiant insulation, and lots of other green energy products!

U.S. Energy Solutions (the company) are marketing and consulting companies only for the express purpose of analyzing, surveying, planning, and promoting electric energy savings, high efficiency, and alternative energy products and services including solar and insulative products for residential and commercial applications. The company shall be responsible for providing the products and services listed on this Work Order Sales Agreement through any Licensed and Insured Contractor and/or Sub-Contractor as deemed necessary to complete all work and services listed on this agreement. All work performed shall comply with State Law and all permits required by State Law or local building code shall be obtained by the Licensed Contractor performing the installation as agreed upon within the Work Order Sales Agreement.

LIMITED POWER OF ATTORNEY: The customer upon signing this agreement hereby grant U.S. Energy Solutions, it’s agent or authorized contractor with a Limited Power of Attorney to sign a Notice of Commencement on your behalf, permit documents, homeowners association documents, and/or any other documentation necessary to obtain permits and/or government approvals to complete the installation of equipment as agreed to in this contract.

PAYMENT: Upon completion of the installation of the set contract, the customer shall pay the COMPANY the full amount of the contract by check, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. In the case of customers who have financed their project through a third party finance company they shall immediately sign all completion and finance related paperwork at the time of installation. Failure to properly execute the finance paperwork at the time of installation shall constitute breach of the contract and failure to pay for services. The customer agrees that payment shall not be delayed pending city, town, and/or county inspections. Failure to make a timely payment to the COMPANY will result in the filing of a construction lien. The COMPANY agrees to meet all municipal inspection requirements. Should you default in any payments owed pursuant to this contract, interest shall accrue from the date payment is due at the maximum rate permitted under Florida Law. If the COMPANY is compelled to institute collection proceedings, reasonable attorney fees, costs, and expenses connected with such action shall be borne by the customer including appellate level fees and costs.

NOTICE OF RIGHT TO CANCEL: Do not sign this document in blank. You are entitled to a copy of the contract at the time you sign it. Keep it to protect your legal rights. You the customer may cancel this contract at any time prior to midnight of the third business day after the date of signing this contract. A business day shall not include Sundays or any legal holidays where the post office does not operate. You must notify the COMPANY in writing by Certified Mail via the US Postal Service of your intent to cancel this contract. If this contract is not cancelled by you within three days it will become binding on you should you cancel this contract anytime thereafter, you will be in breach and will be responsible to the company for its damages and your deposit shall be applied in satisfaction of such damages.

WARRANTIES: All labor shall be warranteed for a period of one year from the date of installation. All products and equipment shall be subject to the manufacturer’s warranty. Where necessary, warranty registration documents shall be provided to the customer and/or instructions provided for product owner registration.

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